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Flame retardants
  • Branded masterbatch and compounds products from the MAKROFLAM series
  • Reduction of the flammability and burning rate of plastics
  • A wide range of brominated (HFR) and halogen-free (HFFR) flame retardant grades to meet many international standards and legislation
  • Non-combustible materials with reduced smoke emissions and absence of burning drippings
  • Suitable in the construction, automotive and electrical industries applications
  • Possibility to UV stabilizer, antioxidants or color pigments additivation to prepare „ready to use“ mixture according to actual customer’s demand
  • Materials complying with glow wire test 960 °C (ČSN EN 60695-2-12), classification V-0 according to UL94 (ČSN EN 60695-11-10), classification B (ČSN 73 0862), classification C (ČSN EN 13501-1 ) and classification B1 or B2 (DIN 4102-1)