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These masterbatches are based on different additives depending on the final effect desired:

A - antistatic agent ​reduces surface resistance, thus lowering the possibility of static charge formation on the polymer surface.
F - filler ​composite material based on specially surface treated mineral filler dispersed in polyethylene or polypropylene matrix
L - lubricant ​facilitates the plastics converting operations at various technological stages
N - nucleating agent ​influences significantly the rate of crystallisation and size of spherulites
​RA - demoulding and lubricant agent  ​decreases adhesion to metal surfaces and eases demoulding.
ANTISLIP ​serves for increasing film surface roughness and thus limits the slippage of stored bags on each other.
CC - concentrates and compounds with electroconductive Chezacarb carbon black  allow for permanent electroconductive, dissipative or antistatic properties of materials. For more information about the properties and use of Chezacarb carbon black in thermoplastics, see the brochure​ and w​eb presentation

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