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Colour concentrates of inorganic and organic pigments and/or dyes. Colour matching is carried out according to RAL, PANTONE, CNS colour scales or to the particular requirement of the customer.

Carrier resins for colour concentrates
The selection of a suitable carrier is dependent on the properties of the material being finally used at the converting stage. Presently, the concentrates are available at PIB for colouring of commodity polyolefins (PE-HD, PE-LD, PE-LLD, PP, EPDM). Besides this, concentrates for colouring polystyrenes (PS, PS-SB and ABS) are made as well as those suitable for most common engineering plastics (PA, PC, POM, PET, PBT, PUR and TPE). In all these cases the selection of a suitable carrier resin is made with regard to the technology used for converting, the final goal being optimum pigment dispersion in the final article.

Properties of colour concentrates
When optimising the pigment selection the desirable properties of the final article are the main criterion to be taken into account. So, requirements of pigment weathering resistance and colour fastness or food contact approval have to be considered.

There is long experience and accumulated expertise in the field of colour matching at PIB. In addition to this, there is a modern Datacolor equipment available for colour matching operations. Our colourists are thus ready to fulfil the most demanding tasks based on customer requirements and to formulate the colour concentrate composition fully respecting the conditions of final application, colour shade, material and its processing conditions.


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