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Stabilisation and Degradation of Polymers
The laboratory of accelerated aging and artificial weathering offers a wide range of possibilities for long-term testing to show the resistance of polymeric materials and signs of premature degradation due to UV radiation, long-term thermal aging and corrosive chemicals.

  • ​Artificial weathering and UV stability testing of materials using Xenon or fluorescent (UVA, UVB) sources
  • Natural long-term aging of plastic materials at outdoor station
  • Thermal stability testing in the oven with forced air circulation
  • Processing stability of polymers - suitable for recyclate and regranulate producers
  • Gas fading of polymers and tendency to yellowing due to oxidation by nitrogen oxides in the atmosphere
  • Testing chemical resistance of materials in selected types of corrosive solvents and chemicals
  • Hot steam test and degradation in humid environment
  • Induction time analysis and thermal stability of polymers using DSC method
  • Identification of plastic degradation origin
  • Approximate life prediction of plastics according to artificial weathering results
  • Evaluation of color fastness and visual appearance of plastics after aging
  • Evaluation of changes in mechanical and rheological properties during aging test
  • Possibility of setting test conditions according to customer requirements and internal standards
  • Technical support in case of polymer degradation testing and recommendation of choosing the suitable stabilizer depending on the final application