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Chemical Analysis and Polymer Structure
The members of this team have knowledge and experience in the field of analysis of plastics and additives for plastics by using both chemical and physical methods which use procedures according to international standards (ISO, DIN, ASTM) or which have either been modified in this laboratory or have been developed in PIB.

From the polymer chemistry viewpoint, the group has traditionally been focused on polyolefins (especially PE and PP).

Instrumental equipment enables the examining of:

  • ​molecular structure of polymers
  • non-polymeric components content and character of these such as fillers, stabilisers and other additives, impurities and residues from previous operations (e.g. traces of polymerisation catalyst residues, auxiliary materials, solvents)
  • purity of input materials (monomers, auxiliary materials and additives)
  • identification of polymers and/or unknown compounds present in the system.​